About Us
Enti Innovations is an engineering services company that provides high quality engineering services to customers across niche domains where engineering can be a vital differentiator. Enti is founded and led by industry veterans who bring to the table more than 100 years of combined experience spanning consutling, R&D, manufacturing, business development and project management.
Enti stands for innovation in engineering. Given a challenge, our aim is to find the most innovative and yet cost effective solution to help our customers derive full value for their investment. We also believe that no problem is too small to be solved – Enti is here to serve companies irrespective of their size or scale.
One of our biggest strengths is our ability to cross-fertilize ideas among industry segments. Our management team comprising leaders from wide ranging domains such as aerospace design and manufacturing, green technologies and communications, supply chain, composites and tooling, and project lifecycle management, leverage their keen technical capabilities and business insights to apply and reinvent proven solutions used in one industry to innovatively solve challenges in another domain quickly and effectively.
To be trusted partners, creating value for customers, no matter how small or complex their problem maybe, through engineering excellence and innovative thinking.
To extend our rich experience in engineering and allied domains to help customers gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace.
Focus on innovation | Customer first | No problem is too small or complex | Value for money