Process and Manufacturing
The process and manufacturing industry is unique in its ability to make innovation and standardization co-exist. The industry’s engineering requirements are also unique in that they need to be innovative, yet repeatable and replicable. The following are the key focus areas for the industry:
Automation today is seen more or less as a necessity rather than an improvement. With this understanding, the focus is shifting from adopting automation to ensuring that automation is undertaken in the right manner, with the right partner and with the company’s unique ROI drivers in mind.
Plant and Process Optimization:
Whatever be the strategic drivers - cost, scalability, flexibility, reuse across product lines, etc. – plant setup and process workflows have a direct bearing on performance and profitability of the unit. Plant and process optimization can lead the way in reducing cost, maximizing utilization and achieving corporate goals.
Compliance and certification:
Strict certification and compliance norms are a given in the industry. Demands for reducing environmental footprint, improving working environment and increasing statutory obligations have forced the industry to innovate beyond cost and price leadership.